BIG Business

The Business Improvement Group
for SMEs

You don’t have to go it alone.

Growth, Leadership, and Guidance for Business Owners.

Meet with other business owners like you for the tools, inspiration, ideas, and accountability that go with The Business Improvement Group for SMEs.

Join business leaders like yourself in a structured, fortnightly meeting to learn, discuss problems, and share solutions – not to mention a healthy serving of accountability – all over a cup of coffee.

Develop a solid business model and grow an amazing business.

What your
could do
for You

Build the business and the life you dream of.

Your business was supposed to deliver more money and more time, but instead, you’re rushed off your feet, fighting fires and wondering where you can find another hour in the day.

What happens in your business, the culture, the productivity, the social contribution it makes, the rewards… all of these things are dependent on how you play the game.

And as the game goes, playing alone can be a tough gig, which is why BIG exists.

  • Learn; 
  • Inspire and be inspired;
  • Increase your competitiveness and satisfaction;
  • Improve the performance of both individuals and the
  • team; 
  • Grow the asset value of your business.

This is what business ownership is about and this is what BIG is there to support you in achieving.

Preparedness Survey

Are you ready? Complete our business health check survey here. 

Get a handle on the vital components of a successful business, such as where you’re at when it comes to business planning, your KPI’s and leading indicators.

Upcoming Events

Check out the upcoming events this month. Something for you to connect, learn, and be inspired.

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25 July Online TBC
08 August Online TBC
22 August Online TBC
05 September Online TBC
19 September Online TBC
03 October Online TBC
17 October Online TBC
31 October Online TBC
14 November Online TBC
28 November Online TBC
12 December Online TBC

Our Key Programmes

Be inspired, learn, collaborate, share ideas, network, and grow your business alongside other business owners.

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    Business Strategy

    Develope a value-Adding, differentiated Business Strategy.

    A practical programme run over 12-weeks. An effective business strategy is not a tick box exercise, it takes time to explore, consider and develop a great strategy.

    Detail & Pricing
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    Business Planning

    Business Planning is about successfully executing your Business Strategy.

    Planning is a layering process - what do you need to do today that will contribute to what you need to achieve this week, month, quarter and year!

    Detail & Pricing
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    Business Systemization

    Systemizing a business is about reducing Key Person Dependability

    Business value is created and maintained through the people in the business and how they go about their work - systemization is the process of how

    Detail & Pricing
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    Managerial Finances

    Financial management reporting and staff education is your responsibility, not the accountants.

    Taking a management-based approach to understanding and educating your staff on the numbers driving your business is essential for success and peace of mind.

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Membership Options

Be part of a team, but grow, develop and evolve at a pace that works for you and your business.

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    BIG Standard

    Full access to the BIG programme, Sukuma and your Coach

    Includes all BIG meetings: ClassRoom, GuestRoom, and BoardRoom. Unlimited Laser Coaching including the Sukuma business programme.

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    BIG Plus

    As for BIG Standard plus monthly 1-1 coaching

    Time is money. If you are ready to accelerate your business and personal results then BIG Plus is the way to go.

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